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About Bill


How I Evolved into a Remote/Distance Healer

I was introduced to channeling while becoming attuned to Reiki in the 1990’s, with the sole purpose of treating my partner’s stomach and feet while we watched tv at night. He passed away in 2000, and for the next decade, I only did Reiki about once or twice a year for my in-laws, about half in person and half with distance. Based on their feedback, the Reiki was as effective with distance as with proximity.


The Beginnings of Hands-free

In 2010, I was sent a spiritual message that I would be going through spiritual changes in one year but no other information was offered. Exactly a year later and continuing for slightly over 3 years, I spent about 40 hours a week in direct spiritual practice, but did not put hands on anyone until the 22nd month. Essentially, I was exploring any and all limitations of my new channeling abilities full time, with childlike wonder, often walking barefoot in nature.

By early 2013, I was treating friends and neighbors in my fabulous attic in Denver with surprising results. In late 2016, I took up public practice in Charlotte for 11 months. Then I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta, where I had the honor of treating hundreds of people, about 85% in-person and 15% distance prior to Covid. 

Update: Unexpectedly, I moved to Manhattan in late August and will be working in person only and almost exclusively at anacting orr dance studio. The studio is yet to be determined but should be somewhere near Chelsea most likely. My intention is to help as many permormance students connect their feet/hands more deeply with Mother Earth as I can. After 10 years of focusing on doing personal treatments, I will now be mostly doing professional treatments. 


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