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What is Light?


Light or energy that is sourced from the Spirit World can sometimes be channeled to and then through a medium (channel, conduit) like a Lightworker directly into a client’s body. Alternatively, some Lightworkers can help send that light to a client wherever they are physically.


The most popular form of Spiritual Energy is Reiki. Reiki has been practiced in the West for about a hundred years, both in person and by distance. Many Reiki practitioners can sense “blockages” etc. and will place their hands on those parts of the body to help release and heal. While Reiki, my first love, is wonderful, l no longer do Reiki for clients.


The Light I channel now did not come directly from a Master, Guru, or Shaman so there is no “correct” name for it. 


How I Work

My process is unique and singular: channeling light directly into people in need of it. While some healers, can sense energy blockages, read chakras and maybe even get solutions to problems communicated to them, I get none of that. I have absolutely no idea what experience the receiver is experiencing or any of the characteristics of the light they are receiving. It can potentially heal anything physical, emotional or spiritual, once the recipient states their intention and has the inner faith that it's at least possible. 


Self-Service Spiritual Opportunity

In some ways, receiving light this way could be considered a “Self-Service Spiritual Opportunity”. Primarily, my work helps you raise your own energy/vibration much higher than normal. Once that high vibration level is reached, your ability to heal yourself expands tremendously. If you happen to be so fortunate as to have a profound spiritual experience during a treatment – like being able to communicate with a loved one that has passed – you get to experience it firsthand. Clearly, this is much more powerful than believing a professional psychic. These kinds of experiences are in the minority and cannot be commanded. However, with your consent, the Spirit World may offer a similar option once you are at the higher vibration.
Emotional healings requests are the most common and can be reached in a wild array of different ways but here a few of the most common ones. The client will detach(often looking down) and will have a different perspective of the situation which is all that is really needed. Otherwise, they usually end up communicating with their Higher Self or a spiritual entity that is already completely aware of everything and they communicate back and forth until a wiser choice is made.


“My knee was warm for about 3 full hours after I left. It seemed to heal further after I slept the first couple of nights. While my knee was not healed 100%, it was significantly better and I was able to go on my Montana ski trip the next week."


Gainesville, GA

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