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The Distance Healing Process


The Appointment

The day of appointment is quick and fast moving. I call at the exact appointed time, answer any last minute questions and then confirm the information provided which will automatically set the intention for the session. You begin the session at the end of the call by saying your first and last name slowly and clearly, 3 times in a row. I will whisper "thank you", hang up and immediately begin channeling for 25 minutes. Our speaking voice is a lot like spiritual DNA and unique to you. When you state your name so consciously it temporarily "turns your Light up" so that it will be easier to "find" you. I can also call or text you at the end of the 25 minutes or stay on our call via speakerphone. If at all possible, write down your experience in a journal or even sticky notes so that you don't forget over time and try to go to sleep without having to respond to anyone. Most clients have some sort of experience such as feeling vibration, flows, light, warmth, or visual presentation of some sort during the 25 minutes. For those that don't it is quite likely that you may have an informative dream the first night. People have reported healings weeks later, but it usually happens within 3 days. There are many ways to block the Light if the person is not truly not ready to receive in this manner. Some people are always going to respond better in person, but the possibilities are the same.

Preparation – Sacred Space

Prior to the appointment, create for yourself some sort of sacred space to receive the phone call and immediate treatment. Please try to be in your sacred space a few minutes early so that we can both stay “in the zone” before, during, after the call. If you already have a sacred space set up and/or have techniques that work for you that help quiet the mind, do that.


Creating a sacred space around your body can include flowers, candles, crystals, incense, photos of loved ones(either side), religious items, sage, musical instruments, art, journal, beauty and music. If it is your plan to just sit or lay in a normal place like your couch or bed, I highly recommend that you reconsider because if you want something outside of normality to happen you may need to be outside your normal ways. Instead, consider going outside next to your favorite tree, view, beach, lake etc. If not possible, passenger seats in a parked car can work well.

As to making a high vibration music choice, non-lyrical is usually much better for most people so that your mind is not distracted from your intention. Of course, use whatever music works for you. Native American Flute is an excellent choice. For more of a challenge, match the vibration of the flute and see how long you can sustain that vibration. Should you “fall off” simply go back up and match the vibration of the flute again. Repeat. If that sounds like too much work for you, it probably is, so perhaps just try something like Reiki or spiritual healing music and let yourself become the music. 


Preparation – Body Position

Do you want to receive while sitting in a chair or laying all the way down and relaxing every muscle? Consider that any back or body pain should determine your position regardless of what healing is sought. Also, if you think you are likely to fall asleep, choose laying down from the beginning, to avoid interrupting  the process.

If you decide you want to SIT during the treatment, choose a firm, comfortable chair that will keep your spine straight. Dining room chairs usually work great for meditating or channeling. Sitting is recommended for anyone that is nervous, as you may feel a little safer with your feet on the ground. You are invited to imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet, connecting deeply with Mother Earth. Try to fully and deeply imagine her sending you unconditional love and gentle  peace up through your feet. In this type of work, if you can deeply imagine something, you are most of the way there. Sitting is also recommended for anyone seeking healing related to being more grounded. We often don’t realize how important grounding is in facing life challenges.

If you decide you want to LAY during the treatment, make sure your back and knees are supported if needed. But, otherwise, laying allows for the most expansive experience, helping to forget the limitations of the body. Lay anywhere but the bed! Lay on the floor, couch or anywhere outside, but make this experience separate from the bed, unless back problems necessitate it. To focus on grounding while laying down you can imagine energy or light leaving your feet outward about 18 inches and then arching down towards the ground. Or, use your heart/heart chakra in a similar way, imagine it being pushed down towards the core of Mother Earth.

Preparation – Focusing Your Energy

For mental preparation, try to quiet the mind so that you are open to new things entering your consciousness. For those that do not meditate regularly, entering your sacred space and music will usually help quiet the mind quite a bit. Whatever is happening during a session, you have complete control over it and will not experience anything you do not want to. But, try and trust the Spirit World (not me) as much as possible during a session so that not only the healing Light is transmitted but also for information being provided to you directly.

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